John is very personable & understanding. Offering a payment plan made it possible for my husband to get a fighting chance. I would recommend his services to anyone needing an attorney.


Mr. Ballard fought for me, he worked with me when it came to money. Not only did he trust me to make payments, he came to me and said I'm going to drop the price for you. Mr. Ballard is a good honest man that you can count on. I know I will absolutely never have anyone represent me except Mr. Ballard. I don't say this about many people but, I trust him!!!

Jeremy Newberry

I was absolutely enamored,best attorney I have ever had. Nothing but thumbs up,5 stars for class, attitude, interest in your case,well dressed, patience,I just honestly can't say enough. Highly recommend.

Vanessa Hiller

Had some issues that had happened over a year ago and this gentleman has been so professional and kind most people like to think lawyers are just robots with no emotion but he changed my outlook on that he has the same emotions and thoughts of everyone else and can relate to us cause he human just like us . I didn't know what was going on at first but he had no issue with me asking questions and then explaining them in a way a normal person can understand and comprehend he had our goals set and he blew them out of the water I will definitely be coming back if I have any more trouble and I suggest you do too

Joseph Escue

Great lawyer, great man. He is genuine and appreciate everything he did for me. I definitely recommend him!

Alshon Davis

John Ballard Is absolutely without a doubt the top guy for job ! His attitude, determination, and presence alone speaks vigorous energy!! John is well mannered, respectful, and pleasantly groomed. John's representation is very organized and affordable I wouldn't have chosen a better attorney to exhibit this case!!!

Da Look

John Ballard literally the best lawyer I ever had hands down!!!

Lashon Kidd

The best lawyer in Franklin! He fought for me instead of bargaining with the DA , which was nice and got me a better settlement than I thought possible! I Highly recommend him!

Donny Cole

Can't thank John enough for everything he did for me with my case!!! If you're looking for a lawyer, he's the guy 100%!

Zoe Tepner

Super professional, had my case dismissed with ease.

Joshua Smith

John is an amazing attorney. He literally gave me my life back!

Miranda Merciers

Got me the best possible outcome in my case and did so for a fair and reasonable price. Couldn't recommend more!


Grateful for the support, advice, and counsel.

Jessica L. Rashkovsky